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Closet Case, Morgan Boyfriend Jeans

Closet Case, Morgan Boyfriend Jeans


Non-stretch slim boyfriend jeans. Old school denim style with a fresh modern cut.


Non-stretch and selvedge denim (go up a size when using heavyweight denim), and .45m cotton lining for pockets and waistband.

Sizes based on bust, waist, hips:

0(79cm, 61cm, 84cm), 2(82cm, 64cm, 86cm), 4(84cm, 66cm, 89cm), 6(86cm, 69cm, 91cm), 8(89cm, 71cm, 94cm), 10(93cm, 75cm, 98cm), 12(97cm, 79cm, 102cm),14(102cm, 84cm, 107cm)16(107cm, 90cm, 112cm),18(112cm, 94cm, 117cm), 20(117cm, 99cm, 122cm)


.8m: 3.25yd, 3.25yd, 3.25yd, 3.25yd, 3.5yd, 3.5yd, 3.5yd, 3.5yd, 3.75yd, 3.75yd, 3.75yd

1.15m: 1.75yd, 1.75yd, 1.75yd, 1.75yd, 2yd, 2yd, 2yd, 2yd, 2.5yd, 2.75yd, 2.75yd

1.5m: 1.5yd, 1.5yd, 1.5yd, 1.5yd, 1.75yd, 1.75yd, 1.75yd, 1.75yd, 2.25yd, 2.25yd, 2.25yd

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