Heavyweight 8 wale corduroy. This rich fabric is soft yet strong, in 3 classic dark colours. Suitable for jackets and trouser, bags, cushions, waistcoats, dresses, skirts, toys - you name it.

'Wale' refers to the ridge of pile. 8 Wale would be 8 ridges to an inch.

152 cm wide.

100% Cotton

Heavyweight fabric

Corduroy is a pile fabric with a nap - it has more shine when viewed from one side than it does the other. When cutting out a garment cut all pieces in the same direction. Unfortunately an un-economical use of the fabric but it is advisable to purchase a meter more than the pattern prescribes. On the bright side this will give you more fabric to play with afterwards.

We think these would make an excellent pair of Heroine jeans. Change up the denim.


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Cotton Corduroy 8 Wale

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