Creative mending is a beautiful way of adding unique visible repairs to your clothes by making your wardrobe last longer and for us all to repair what we own. By learning these skills we can use them by making our own wardrobes last longer and working towards practices that have less impact on the environment.


This 2 hr workshop creative mending workshop hosted by Madeline Tanoto (Mads do & Mend) will show you how to mend and re-fashion your woollens using a variety of visible mending techniques! We will be using decorative hand stitching with yarn techniques, experimenting with applique, and using some simple blanket stitching to transform an item through repair!


Darning will not be covered in this workshop, and is taught separately. However, this workshop builds on the creative techniques you can learn in darning and is a perfect additional workshop to further your interest in mending. Or you can just join this workshop to learn the decorative skills to re-fashion and repair an item.


During this workshop Madeline Tanoto from @madsdoandmend will teach you about mending through different hand stitching techniques of your beloved woollens through practical instruction as well as explore the different tools and materials you can use to keep trying this skill at home. 


All materials will be provided for the workshop but you will need to bring a woollen clothing item from home to mend. Good examples are a wool jumper or cardigan with moth holes, or a scarf that needs a repair or update! Best to avoid bringing socks as they are not suitable for this workshop – however they are perfect for a Darning workshop instead!

Creatively Mend Your Knitwear - Saturday 13th May 2 - 4pm

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