Come and join embroidery expert Melanie Bowles of Stitch School to learn and practice essential stitches to embroider, repair & sew. Working on a handprinted Stitch School Linen cloth sampler you will learn all about what the stitches are, how they are made and how they may be used in your own home; equipping you with the knowledge to take sustainable living further still in your own environment.  

You will start your beautiful Embroidery sampler in the class and if you don't finish you will have the confidence to continue on in your own time.

We are very excited to have Stitch School back again and love the concept of their new 'Homework Sampler' ; focusing on stitches that are not only decorative but also integral, re-introducing life skills that unfortunately in our society, have been lost over the last number of years...

Let's change it for the better! (strong arm emoji)...


Cancellation Policy - Please let us know within 48 hours of the workshop if you can't make it and we will be able to offer you a place on another workshop. If you are unable to make it after 48 hours before no credit will be given. Although we will be very happy for you to send a friend in your place! If the workshop is cancelled by us you will receive a refund or a credit for another workshop.

'Homework Embroidery Sampler' with Stitch School - Saturday April 22nd - 1pm - 4pm

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