Our improver classes build on the basics, offering a suite of tips and techniques that appear all the time in crochet patterns and will be endlessly useful, whether for toys, blankets, accessories or garments. Together, they include working multiple stitches together, combining basics to make new effects, reading written patterns and charts, working in the round from a centre hole and introducing interesting colour work and high-relief textural techniques such as clustering, dipping, cabling and embossing. 
Throughout both courses, we will make reference to pattern and chart reading, with the idea that by the time you have completed, you will be better equipped to make sense of any instructions and explore new realms on your own.
IMPROVERS 2 Session a
  1. The almond/wave stitch, incorporating a recap of all the basic stitches and introducing dipped/spike stitches useful in mosaic and Bavarian crochet.
IMPROVERS 2: Session b
  1. The chevron stitch – a ubiquitous motif that incorporates increasing and decreasing techniques that are transferable skills
  2. Basic Raised (round the post) stitches useful for creating cables and embossed stitching.


    Materials are included. You get to keep the hook and yarn provided!

    Tea, coffee, cake as always!

    Cancellation Policy - Please let us know within 48 hours of the workshop if you can't make it and we will be able to offer you a place on another workshop. If you are unable to make it after 48 hours before no credit will be given. Although we will be very happy for you to send a friend in your place! If the workshop is cancelled by us you will receive a refund or a credit for another workshop.

Improvers Crochet Level 2- Saturday 18th & 25th March, 2-4pm

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