During this 2 hr workshop we will look at different mending techniques that are designed to help you keep the clothes you already own lasting longer and out of landfill. We will learn by practising on an example fabric; some basic patching techniques, as well as repairing frayed edges, dealing with tears and other ideas to add some flair to your repair! We will focus on hand sewing and hand skills (no machine sewing) so this course is suitable for people with some experience as well as complete beginners.

Mending is a great practical skill and relaxing craft we can easily do at home by helping us unwind from the busy lives we lead, whilst also being more conscious of our clothing choices, and a part of a more sustainable approach to consumption.  During this workshop Madeline Tanoto from @madsdoandmend will teach you about patching and repairing your beloved items in your wardrobe through practical instruction as well as explore the different tools and materials you can use to keep practicing this skill at home. 

All mending materials will be provided for the workshop and you will receive a mending kit with some materials for patching and repairing to take home. However you will need to bring a suitable item from your wardrobe at home to mend by hand. Good examples of suitable items include a pair of jeans, torn skirt, missing buttons, a jacket with a rip or shirt sleeve that is frayed at the edges! 

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Patching & Repairing Your Clothes - Saturday 11th February, 2-4pm

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