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Stag and Bow host a continuously evolving wide programme of workshops from beginners’ standards - knitting, crochet and understanding your sewing machine - to more advanced classes in spoon carving, felting, lino printing and more. We also run classes themed round new book and product launches. Many of our tutors are local makers.

Creative embroidery Saturday 25th May 11-3pm

Creative embroidery Saturday 25th May 11-3pm


We welcome back Moody Bright Designs to Stag & Bow!

In this 4 hour workshop you’ll learn all the basic stitches required for you to start your journey into the world of embroidery. Ideal for creative people who might have had an embroidery project lined up and would like to learn in a supported and friendly environment.

The workshop will be divided in 2 parts. You’ll be learning on a simple floral design to begin with, followed by 2 hours of embroidery for your personal project. This workshop is heavily based on the satin stitch.

We’ll also be talking a little about embroidery traditions and how these stitches have been used through time. Those of you who are  interested in upcycling with embroidery will be able to ask me any questions you might have about the subject matter.

You’ll learn both stitches that are good for filling and stitches good for outlines.

In the second part of the workshop we’ll get started with your personal project.

Whether you want to make your own embroidered wall hanging, or use embroidery to upcycle your clothes, this workshop will give you the basics needed to make both projects a reality.

And it’s not about the stitches alone. We’ll talk fabrics and techniques for different projects. Samples will be available in class for you to look at, so that when we get started on your personal project you’ll have a clear idea of how to realise it.

People with drawing skills are more than welcome to bring in a design they want to work with, as long as it’s not too complex and bigger than 8 x 8 cm.


UPCYCLING: For those of you who’d like to upcycle a garment, please bring a garment made from cotton. This could be a shirt, a cotton skirt or a blouse. Please don’t bring any elasticated fabrics (including t-shirts), net or thick denim. If you have any doubts, please email me!

WALL HANGING: This project is for those who’d like to explore the artistic potential of embroidery.

You’ll be given a piece of canvas on which to develop your idea.

You’ll be supported throughout both options.

All participants will receive a 10% discount in the Stag & Bow shop for the duration of the class.

Please note our workshops/classes are not refundable

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