Stag & Bow


Stag and Bow host a continuously evolving wide programme of workshops from beginners’ standards - knitting, crochet and understanding your sewing machine - to more advanced classes in spoon carving, felting, lino printing and more. We also run classes themed round new book and product launches. Many of our tutors are local makers.

July 21st - Kids Craft Morning, Sunday 11-1pm

July 21st - Kids Craft Morning, Sunday 11-1pm


Pom Pom Cloud Mobiles!

We are making colourful fluffy Pom Pom mobiles in this fun, craft session for kids ages 8+. We’ll be learning how to make fluffy, soft pom-poms using Loome tools. Kids will learn the basic technique for making pom-poms and will be able to experiment with single coloured ones and multi-coloured pom-poms to make their own felt cloud mobile to hang up in their rooms. There will be a little bit of sewing in this workshop, but we’ll mostly be mastering our pom-pom skills. Everyone will take home a finished mobile at the end of the workshop.

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