Remember how adorable the original Flat Eric was? Well, hold onto your heartstrings, because we'd like to introduce you to the younger sibling, Flat Eric Junior, who's practically bursting with an irresistible "awwww" factor.

Imagine this: a genuine sheepskin mini teddy-shaped hot water bottle cover that comes complete with a 0.2L German-made hot water bottle, all set and ready to go. This little gem is carefully handcrafted from the softest, coziest Swedish-style sheepskin.

Filling it up? A breeze. Thanks to a thoughtfully designed slit on the bear's head, combined with the bottle's extra-wide neck, you'll find safe and easy filling a piece of cake. Once filled, the bottle tucks itself snuggly behind the warm outer layer.

Of course, practicality is at the forefront – Flat Eric Junior can be easily hand washed. When you're ready, just remove the cover via the envelope back, and give it a gentle hand wash. Remember, a gentle temperature and natural drying are the key to keeping it in top shape..

This Swedish-style sheepskin adds an extra touch of velvety softness to Flat Eric Junior. This smaller size is ideal for the littlest ones, as it's lighter and more manageable for tiny fingers. But don't be fooled – anyone who craves a soothing cuddle and cheerful caress will bask in the generous boost it provides.

The rich density of the sheepskin isn't just for show. It offers unparalleled protection, creating a barrier between the bottle and your skin. Plus, it masterfully retains heat, preventing any risk of burns or scalds. And thanks to the sheepskin's natural thickness, the warmth of the bottle lingers much longer.

Every cover is a piece of precision, hand-cut and meticulously crafted in our Somerset workshops, backed by over 75 years of sheepskin expertise. As the UK's oldest and largest manufacturer of sheepskin lifestyle and outerwear products, Owen Barry's legacy in craftsmanship shines through.


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Hot Water Bottle Cover, 'Flat Eric', 0.2L, Taupe Brown

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