Meet the crew at the circus! These animal mobiles are printed in vivid colours and looks great in children's bedrooms but could adorn any room where kinetic action is required to brighten up the day.

Each one performs a balancing act on a ball, gently jogging around spinning and dancing in the slightest breeze. Perfect for a nursery or older kids bedroom as the colour and character blend with most decors. A great subject to focus a gaze and casts wonderful shadows as they dance and spin

They include a string and are ready to hang straight from the pack. Paper figure is approximately 40-50cm


Designed by Louise Burgess, artist designer and educator from Hastings, the Wini Tapp puppet range was inspired by a workshop with kits for children to make up and play with. Wini Tapp - the home of cut out-and-make puppets, kinetic mobiles and garlands -especially created for children and so so perfect for your inner child. Mobiles grew out of a keen interest in all things kinetic, and all the Wini Tapp paper products are carefully and lovingly constructed by homeworkers in Hastings.

The name Wini Tapp pays a loving tribute to Louise’s grandma, a classy artistic lady who played the accordion, loved pug dogs and lashings of red lipstick.

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Decorative Paper Mobile

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