Coutil is used mostly in Corsetry. Its densely packed herringbone weave allows for a fabric of supreme strength and minimal stretch. Despite its density it is smooth against the skin. It is very strong and duarable and a pleasure to work with. You can use it for giving strength and stability to all manner of projects, as a stiffener in a sun hat brim where you want some give. For collars and cuffs where you want firmness, to interline a fabric basket to hold its shape, Cushion inners or even mattress covers! Putty coloured.

140cm Wide

270gsm - a heavyweight for a medium feel fabric

100% Cotton

Wash at 30 degrees if need be - Note - If using Coutil for Corsetry it is advisable NOT to wash. Washing softens the fabric and lessens its recovery from stretching - Shrinkage of 4%.

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Coutil Herringbone Cotton

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