A handy selection of 45 needles and a threader. Steel.

Tapestry: an extra long eye for wools and thick yarns, with a blunt point for use on canvases,etc. Sometimes known as Rug or Cross Stitch Needles
1 x Tapestry No 18 and 1x Tapestry No 20. 

Chenille: similar to tapestry but has a sharp point for closely woven materials
1 x Chenille No 18

Darners: long needles with long eyes for easy threading - used for darning with wool and cottons
4 x Darners No 5, 3 x Darners No 7 and 1 x Darner No 9

Sharps: for general domestic sewing
6 x Sharps No 5, 12 x Sharps No 7 and 6 x Sharps No 9

Betweens: similar to sharps but smaller, preferred by professional sewers such as tailors, because they are quicker and stronger in use
3 x Betweens No6

Embroidery: a long eye makes threading stranded cotton or silk easy
6 x Embroidery No 7 and 1 x Embroidery No 9


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Hand Needles with Threader

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