A modern striped ikat textile in mint green and rich purple tones. The cotton is handspun and handwoven by a small weaving village in Thailand.
This  fabric has the name "Hansa", a Thai name that originates from the phrase "Supreme Happiness", which is, frankly, how it makes us feel. Oozing fun, playful, uber cool vibes, we can see it used in many ways. The yarn is first dyed by hand and then skillfully placed and woven into the finished design using a wooden loom. The process is entirely electricity-free. When you purchase this fabric, you're directly supporting the weaver who created it. The material is light to medium weight and has a matt, dry texture and firm hold. It's completely opaque. It's a dream to sew and is therefore suitable for novice sewers. The chemical dyes used to colour the material are ironable, and the textile is pre-washed (although we always recommend washing your fabrics with like colours before you sew). You'll also notice it softens in the wash and that the creases iron out easily.

Product Information
Width: 95cm
Weight: 200gsm
Fibre: Cotton (Non-Organic)
Country of Origin: Thailand
Shrinkage Allowance: 3-5%
Eco Credentials: Azo-Free, Co-Op, Fair Wage, Low Energy, VOC-Free
Ethical and Sustainability Considerations: The cotton fabric is handwoven on wooden looms by artisans from Chiangmai. The cotton fibre used for this fabric is spun and woven within a small artisan community. The fibres are 100% natural and biodegradable. As this fabric is handmade, the process uses virtually no energy or carbon footprint.
Each metre of fabric takes approximately four hours to weave, and an entire bolt takes over a month. Despite the traditional handwork methods used to create the textile, the design is timeless and seamlessly fits today's contemporary style. 

Suitable For: Bags, Blinds, Curtains & Pelmets, Hand Sewing, Scarves & Neckwear, Machine Sewing, Napkins, Shirts, Soft Furnishings, Spring & Autumnal Skirts & Dresses, Table Runner, Tea Cosy & Door Stops, Toys, Trousers & Shorts.

To care for your product: Suitable for washing machines below 30°C and tumble dryers. To protect fabrics for longer, hand wash in cool water. Suitable for irons med-hot temperature. Turn the machine down to 30 degrees for a more environmentally friendly wash. In Europe alone, if every household turned its washing temperature down to 30°C, we could save 12 million tons of CO2 a year. We also recommend line drying as this reduces energy usage and looks after your textiles for longer (as they don't get bashed around in your tumble dryer). Use a mild detergent, light botanical refresher or even steam the item you've made in your bathroom after a shower.

Natural handwoven fabrics tend to shrink 3-5%, so please wash this textile before you create any products that will require washing at a later date.

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Handwoven Ikat Cotton - Hansa (Purple & Green)

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