This handwoven midweight Ramie Crossweave Fabric would lend itself well to Jackets, Tailored Skirts, Shorts, Bags, Home Furnishings. 'Crossweave' means that the warp and weft threads are dyed (using low impact dyes) a different colour before weaving, giving a textured 'Chambray' look to the fabric. This is enhanced more by the 'slubbiness' of the threads used. Evidence of Ramie fabric dates back some 6000 years. A member of the Nettle family it can be harvested up to 6 times a year, cut from the ground up so the root system continues to flourish, each plant lives around 20 years. It has low water consumption and needs no pesticides. Making it a Queen among sustainable and Eco friendly fabrics. Softens beautifully with age as Linen does...


Width 155cm

Weight 250 gsm - Midweight

100% Ramie

3-5% Shrinkage

Made in Poland


What about a perfectly tailored Belvedere Waistcoat?



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Handwoven Black & White Ramie Crossweave

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