Vibrant & soft, single knit cotton jersey with 5% elastane for extra stretch. Suitable for shorts, tops, underwear, t-shirts, wrap garments, summer pyjamas and bedding. Jersey is a knitted fabric and keeps its shape well. When pressing it is advisable to use an 'up and down' motion rather than a 'back and forth' motio as this will stretch the fabric. Jersey is so called because it heralds from the Channel island of its name. In the Medieval times it was invented for use in fishermans sweaters and mens undergarments.

150cm wide

140gsm Lightweight fabric

95% cotton 5% elastane

Wash at 30 degrees. Pre wash for 5% shrinkage

Oeko Tex Certified

What about a swishy 'Hilo Dress' - Perfect.



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Jersey - Single Knit 150cm wide

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