Monk's Cloth is an 'evenweave' cream cloth, used alot in Swedish weaving (or Huck weaving), embroidery, crossstitch and as the base cloth for punch needle projects. This cloth is super soft and has an over and under four strand weave (known as a basket weave or Panama weave for those interested!). Popular for pillows, curtains, placemats and clothing and excellent for punch needle projects. If using for embroidery for a washable garment it is imperative that it is pre shrunk as it can shrink up to 15%. We sell this by the piece but can cut from a bolt of 140cm wide at £34.95 a meter. If you desire a bigger piece please email us directly.

140cm wide 

7.5 count fabric

100% cotton

15% Shrinkage pre wash for garments

This fabric frays so please be aware that your project might end up smaller than the 50cm piece cut.

Have a look at this Punch needle project book for inspiration.





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Monks Cloth by the Metre

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