Launched during London's Fashion Week in 2013 this non-greasy formula was created to avoid transferring grease onto fabrics and has since then become a favourite with crafters, hair and make up artists, gardeners, TV presenters and cooks... it's for everyone! With Shea butter, macadamia, lavender and rosehip oil, a handcream for hardworking hands. SEAMS hydrates and moisturises and leaves your hands supple, soft and smooth. Volume 75ml.


Natural Ingredients:
Moisturise with Oat Beta Glucan and a Biomimetic Lipid Complex
Soften & Restore with Macadamia & Rosehip Oils.
Nourish & Smooth with Shea Butter & Allantoin
Hydrate & Protect with Pro-vitamin
Even Skin Tone with Swiss Garden Cress
Strengthen Nails with Hydrolysed Keratin
Comfort with Fragonia Oil and SEAMS Signature Scent.
Paraben free – Not tested on animals

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Couturiers Hand Cream

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